Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some Playtesting Required.

We had a few minutes before our Scion game so I whipped up some stats for a trio of goblins and a generi-warrior guy and ran through a couple of rounds to see how they would fare in the system I've been tweaking. Within the first several rounds the warrior had hit one of the goblins and did about half it's total health in lethal damage right off the bat, which is to be expected anyway since they're goblins and in just about any iteration of D&D you'd kill or maim the poor little guy within a round or two anyway. The goblins however when they did hit warrior guy, couldn't get through his armor or soak to do anything to him. I'm rereading the rules this morning to see if maybe I missed something, but I might just have to mess with the armor values a little and see what happens.

I also printed out a character sheet and need some make a few adjustments to the size and spacing of certain things but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

Oh and I think I figured out how to incorporate the Table of Death and Dismemberment into my game. In Scion when you fill all your health boxes with lethal wounds you're considered incapacitated and dying and have a number of turns during which you're dying equal to your stamina. For most characters that's probably 2 - 3 dots. So, I think that if a character takes damage which exceeds that threshold in one shot they get to roll on the Table of Death and Dismemberment instead of dying outright.

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  1. Death & Dismemberment alternate rule: whenever you take 5 points of damage or more (or rather, damage equal to or greater than your size), THEN you roll.