Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scrounging Tables and Geomorph PDFs up for grabs.

I revised the scrounging tables and put some important post apocalyptic survival stuff in there I had forgotten and then finished the Geomorph tables. I'm going to just call it done and then show the overall LA Map in a separate post and explain how I'm implementing them later. Anyway I hope they're useful!

Here's the LA map I'm starting out with. I'll expand it out with new sections as needed. It's the central part of LA. I'm going to number the sections as they get explored and use the geomorphs to define the neighborhoods.

1 comment:

  1. I rolled a Nightgown, Metal Pipe, 50' rope, Cosmetics, (hallucenogenic)Yellow Mushrooms, Bulletproof vest, Fire Axe, Double Musket!
    Yikes that is one scary encounter! A raider tripped out on mushrooms wearing a nightgown over armor with a musket and a Fireman's Axe!
    Nice job!