Sunday, April 4, 2010

Further ideas for the geomorph.

Interestingly enough, my husband and I were talking the day before yesterday, while I was working on the modern geomorphs, about how the Lankhmar setting map worked really well for something like this because of the big white spots the GM could fill in on their own. Then this morning I saw that Zak over at pondering the use of the setting. So I was thinking this morning that I am going to make something similar for Hell-A. I have a bunch of zoomed out saves of google maps of the greater LA area. I think I'm going to take them and trace out the general area on a large piece of bristol board or something, using the major highways and little sub sections of LA like West Hollywood and all that with the large spaces in between open to be defined by random geomorph generation or other means. That way I can more easily keep track of where the players are at and where they're headed, and I can keep a journal for myself of which geomorphs got used in what order and a brief run down of what was there. Then like a west marches type sandbox, all those areas are still there and can change depending on how the players affect the landscape. And I can use random tables to define them on the fly along with what's in them.

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