Monday, April 12, 2010

Death by ninja.

Last night's game started off with a character death. Mine. I'm a little bummed about it but it was at least an epic confrontation with a demi god ninja. My Scion of Athena is a pretty tough opponent, so I didn't expect to be killed in 2 hits, split in half on the last one while only delivering a minor wound to my opponent. Doh. I had the opportunity after the first hit to declare my defeat. But the problem is that the ninja brutally tortured and murdered a good friend of the groups' (mine in particular) and threatened my character's family. I couldn't just let that go. It was a matter of avenging some wrongs that had been committed and the greeks are all about vengeance. I spent the rest of the game working up a new character, which will be fun but she's starting with significantly less power and xp than the group. Not odd for a lot of people but that's not what usually happens in our games. I'm pleased with the decision though. Everyone else are Demi Gods while my character will be trying to survive their sort of challenges and earn her place among them as a mere Hero.


  1. No one ever forgets they're first time...being killed by a ninja.

  2. Gutted. Did you have a little ceremony to mark your PC's passing? I'm almost eagerly awaiting a PC death just so I can write about it. Doesn't seem to have happened in ages, knowing my luck it will be me.

  3. Not exactly. We were hot on the tail of a really old scary murderous cannibal named Craxus. The ninja was a sort of diversionary thing that somehow ties into the story in a way I'm not aware of yet. Weeks before I killed his brother who was trying to assassinate someone in the group. We're not sure exactly why or who he was working for. But it was one of those things that happened while we were in the middle of something else of Grave and Terrible Importance. We took a short time out of our busy hero-ing schedule to have a showdown at an abandoned ice skating rink and I lost pretty pitifully. My fellow greek scion though burned me on a makeshift pyre in heroic fashion though before they moved on without me. Needless to say though the gravity of the powers we're arrayed against became suddenly more real. So long, daughter of Athena. She was my first Scion character and I got to run around with the golden fleece and a cool spear and the shield of Perseus so it was great while it lasted.